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Healing Love Spell
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A Children’s Yule…

With Yule Tide upon us, I share with you all today a children’s story. I have also had the belief that I will never force religion on my children. I would like them to be educated though. Diversified and able to say they have experienced the world around them. I will introduce them to Paganism. […]

Very Inspiring Blogger

Very Inspiring Blogger…

Thanks so much to A Year and a Day for making me feel like I haven’t totally fallen off the planet and disappeared. I really felt depressed about leaving for a while and this was just the amazing pick me up I needed to feel back in the grove. Leaving the blog, I felt like I not only […]

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Chakra-Cleansing Meditation…

(Every day for one full week—ten to fifteen minuets) Begin by sitting comfortably in your chair, closing your eyes, and starting to breathe deeply. Do your deep breathing for several cycles, feeling your body relaxing with each breath. With each exhalation, more tension and stress leave your body, and with each inhalation, positive energy and […]

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12 Days of Yule – Day 3…

This is to be performed at the dawn of Yule as to honor the Earth Mother and welcome the birth of the Sun God. Materials: God and Goddess candle Yule log or some other log to burn Cakes and ale   Enter the sacred place. Cast a circle and invoke the elements of the earth. […]

Purification Spell To Cleanse Magical Tools1

Purification Spell To Cleanse…

Tools need to be cleansed and dedicated before using. This is a simple spell for cleansing your tools prior to using them in any spellwork. Materials: sage 1 white candle 1 bowl of salt 1 bowl of water fireproof dish matches or a lighter anointing oil tool you are cleansing and dedicating Cast your circle […]

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Renewed Hope Spell…

Materials: One Black Candle One White Candle Three Pieces of Amethyst Three Pieces of Rose Quartz Small amulet pouch Ritual Oil   Cast a circle as normal with any spell work on the night of a full moon. Anoint the black candle. Place the three pieces of amethyst around the base of the candle. As […]